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Manual Handling Refresher Course Morphett Vale

Manual Handling Refresher for Health Workers

Manual Handling Refresher for Health Workers

Nationally Accredited Course

First Aid Pro is a respected Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 40407) where we are passionate about providing exceptional training led by knowledgeable and personable instructors. 

Our Morphett Vale training staff are committed to teaching HLTWHS005-Conduct Manual Tasks Safely with excitement and the most recent information.

Fitted with industry-standard equipment such as hoists, hospital beds, and slide sheets, our training venue provides a practical learning experience promoting safe manual labour practices.

With a strong focus on practical situations, we aim to make this course informative, engaging and enjoyable.

Refresher training in manual handling should be completed annually to maintain practical skills. 

This training is a useful update, ensuring that all staff remain well-versed in helping customers who need handling. 

Nurses, pre-registration nursing students, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, paramedics, health aides, and individuals working with people with a disability or older adults all benefit from yearly updates on their manual handling skills.

Per the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standard set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, this course provides a chance to earn CPD hours, fulfilling the specific conditions outlined in the memorandum.

Manual Handling Course Calendar Morphett Vale

LocationCourse TitleTraining BeginsPrice
(ex GST)
Morphett Vale 3

Morphett Vale 3
Morphett Vale Market Place
Unit 8
6-20 Taylors Avenue
Morphett Vale 5162

Manual Handling Refresher for Health WorkersThu, 7 Dec 2023
12:00pm - 2:00pm

How is the Course Delivered?

Our manual handling training and assessments run for two hours in total.

Before you enter the classroom, there are important primary steps to complete.

The pre-course reading is mandatory and must be completed before your practical session.

This preliminary work must be digitally completed for a student to be permitted into the in-person class.

Understanding the pre-course reading material will prepare you to participate in the interactive face-to-face session.

Once enrolled, our comprehensive course content can be accessed through your online student portal.

This portal means you can view the material at your convenience, study at your own pace and choose times that fit your schedule and working hours.

However, ensuring the online content is completed before your face-to-face session date is important.

The time needed to complete the self-paced content will differ from student to student, depending on individual working speed and previous knowledge.

While the duration may vary, we recommend putting aside at least a half day of study time to work through the course material.

This approach ensures a complete understanding of the course content and improves learning outcomes.

Our training centre values your time, always striving to provide an effective, streamlined learning experience.

How is the Course Structured?

All individuals will be evaluated through a variety of the following assessment methods:

  • Practical Demonstrations: Simulated scenarios/Roleplaying
  • Project (Risk Assessment)
  • Knowledge Assessment

Course Requirements

  • Individuals must be 14 or older (Students under 18 must submit an enrolment form signed by a parent or guardian to accept responsibility). 
  • Complete a risk assessment to limit hazards from manual tasks.
  • Speak effectively to contribute to a consultation process about improving manual handling safety.
  • Apply literacy and numeracy skills when reading, interpreting, and applying policies and protocols (e.g. understanding manufacturers’ instructions and safety signs).

Physical Attributes Requirements

  • Must have the physical fitness to perform manual handling tasks safely.

Course Fees

$60 (Varies from State to State)

Course Times

The Manual Handling Refresher Course is available in Morphett Vale seven days a week, primarily from 2:00 to 4:00 pm (SAT / 12:00 to 2:00 pm).

Refer to the course calendar for our latest course times.

Course Location

Morphett Vale
Unit 8 / 20 Taylors Avenue, Morphett Vale, SA, 5162


Certificate Issued Same Day

Upon finishing this course, students will earn a Statement of Attainment for HTLWHS005 Conduct Manual Tasks Safely. 

At First Aid Pro, we aim to issue statements efficiently via email.

A set of requirements (see terms and conditions) must be completed to ensure your Statement of Attainment is dispatched on time. 

Firstly, students must read the self-paced learning material and pass the online quiz. 

Before your course begins, you must also provide First Aid Pro with a verified Unique Student Identifier (USI). This information must be provided promptly. 

Failure to satisfy these requirements could delay the delivery of your Statement of Attainment.

At First Aid Pro, we recognise the importance of acknowledging your achievements and providing correct documentation. 

We aim to simplify this process by digitally distributing your Statement of Attainment via email. 

To ensure a smooth transfer, please complete the self-paced learning component, the online quiz, and provide your verified USI within the required timeframe.

Rest assured that First Aid Pro is committed to recognising your accomplishments promptly, allowing you to showcase your skills and knowledge with the appropriate certification. 

For more information or to submit your USI, please contact us.

Professional Health Trainers

Our course trainers are all experts in the field.

They are committed to offering an engaging, practical, and enjoyable training course.

If you have questions during the training, ask our personable trainers, and they will use their wealth of experience to assist you.

USI Requirements

As per the conditions set by the Government, all individuals registering in accredited courses are required to provide a USI to the training organisation. 

USIs are generated by the Commonwealth Government to create a protected online personal training record for students.

Requesting a USI is a simple and cost-free process that will take five minutes. 

Please visit the USI Application Link if you have yet to receive your personal USI. 

This link will direct you through the USI application process. 

By gaining a USI, you can maintain an accurate and comprehensive record of your qualifications throughout your professional career. 

Content Covered:

  • Pre-start Exercises
  • Understand & learn the NO Lift Polices
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the spine
  • Correct postures
  • Fitting and removing slide sheets
  • Sliding a supine person up/down a bed
  • Turning in bed
  • Sitting to standing from a chair
  • Sitting to standing from the edge of a bed
  • Standing transfer from bed to chair/chair to bed
  • Seated transfer from bed to chair/chair to bed
  • Transfer from chair to chair/commode/toilet.
  • Hoisting from chair to bed/bed to chair/commode to bed
  • Assisted walking – raising a fallen person
  • Instructing the person to raise themselves
  • Hoisting a person from the floor
  • Followed legally compliant workplace procedures to prepare for and complete at least three different manual tasks relevant to the work role
  • Be actively involved in a consultation process about improving manual handling

Knowledge Evidence

You must present essential knowledge to complete tasks outlined in this unit’s elements and performance criteria satisfactorily. 

Additionally, you must manage tasks and contingencies in the context of your industry’s requirements. 

These requirements include the knowledge of the following:

  • Key information from work health and safety (WHS) regulations relating to manual tasks and the national code of practice
  • Role and responsibilities of the employer and employees regarding manual handling safety
  • Ways in which individual workers are involved in consultation about workplace health and safety
  • Reporting mechanisms required for workplace injury and compensation claims
  • Key aspects of the risk management approach to manual tasks
  • Identifying risk factors and potential hazardous manual tasks, including repetition, forces, postures, vibration and work systems
  • Types of manual task activity and the types of injuries that can result
  • The relationship between the human body and the risk of injury from performing manual tasks
  • Functions of the human body:
    • the basic function of the spine
    • body postures
    • types of muscles
    • principles of levers
  • Manual handling techniques that support safe work practice, including:
    • Preparing the load/client
    • Preparing the environment
    • Using the stronger muscles in the legs where possible, rather than spinal muscles
    • Maintaining a neutral spine when lifting and carrying
    • Using two hands to lift or carry
    • Keeping the load close to the body/centre of gravity
    • Avoiding lifting objects above shoulder height
    • Minimising repetitive movements
    • Positions not held for long periods
    • Avoiding twisting by repositioning feet whilst turning
  • Types and operational features of mechanical aids, tools and equipment

Performance Evidence

You must complete all tasks outlined in the performance criteria of this unit.

Students must show the following skills to become qualified in manual handling:

  • Understood legally compliant workplace procedures to prepare for and complete at least three different manual tasks relevant to the work role
  • Contributing to a consultation process about improving manual handling