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First Aid Course Blacktown

FirstAidPro Blacktown First Aid Training Centre - Max Webber Library Function Centre

First Aid Course Blacktown

FirstAidPro’s Blacktown location is conveniently located at Level 1, 61 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown NSW. 

Our Blacktown first aid training venue offers plenty of convenient parking options and easy accessibility to public transport. Max Webber Library’s Function Centre has modern clean amenities, is fully air conditioned and easy to find. 


Level 1, 61 Flushcombe Road,
Blacktown NSW

Phone Number

(08) 7120 2570

Our Public Courses are delivered to you in a variety of ways. We can come to you! You can learn how to perform our courses at your office or at your leisure. Contact us for more information on how this works.

Blacktown First Aid Training Calendar
LocationCourse TitleTraining BeginsPrice
(ex GST)

Max Webber Library Fucntion Centre
61 Flushcombe Road
Blacktown 2148

HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (1.5Hrs) Face-to-Face Training & Assessment + online e-LearningMon, 29 Apr 2024
9:00am - 10:30am

Max Webber Library Fucntion Centre
61 Flushcombe Road
Blacktown 2148

HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid & CPR (3Hrs) Face-to-Face Training & Assessment + online e-LearningMon, 29 Apr 2024
9:00am - 12:00pm

Max Webber Library Fucntion Centre
61 Flushcombe Road
Blacktown 2148

HLTAID012 - Childcare First Aid & CPR (3.5Hrs) Face-to-Face Training & Assessment + online e-LearningMon, 29 Apr 2024
9:00am - 12:30pm

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  • Australian College of Nursing – endorsed
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Blacktown First Aid Certification

At First Aid Pro, we take great pride in our Blacktown first aid training programs. Our courses have been endorsed by prestigious organisations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), and we are a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (40407).

Our first aid training follows the cutting-edge guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Committee (ANZCOR). We’re committed to providing you with an exceptional training experience that sets you apart from the rest.

During our training, we don’t just focus on theory – we emphasise the practical implementation of skills. It takes time and practice to become proficient in any area, and our courses give you ample opportunity to hone your skills. This practical aspect is vital not only in obtaining your first aid certification but also in keeping your skills up-to-date. After completing your course, you will receive a nationally recognised and accredited certificate on the same day. This means you can show off your first aid expertise right away! Join us today for fun, engaging, and knowledgeable training experience that will equip you with the skills you need to handle any first-aid emergency proficiently.

Blacktown First Aid Course Near Me

Hey there, Blacktown residents and workers! Are you ready to become a first aid hero? Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn lifesaving skills that will prepare you for any emergency situation. Our first-class training in Sydney will equip you with the knowledge and abilities to confidently provide practical help when it matters most.

Our engaging and knowledgeable instructors will guide you through the course, providing hands-on experience and interactive learning. You’ll have fun while mastering these essential skills! Plus, once you complete the training, you’ll receive your nationally recognised certificate via email on the same day.

Register for a course online, call us on (08) 7120 2570 or send us a message on our contact page.

Available First Aid Courses in Blacktown

At First Aid Pro, we are committed to providing you with a variety of nationally accredited first aid training courses that cater to your specific requirements. Below are some of our most sought-after courses that we recommend:

  • Provide CPR (HLTAID009)
  • Provide First Aid (HLTAID011)
  • Childcare First Aid (HLTAID012)
  • Remote First Aid (HLTAID013)
  • Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014)

If you have any questions or concerns about which course to choose, our friendly team members are always available to assist you in finding the right course for your needs. We strive to make your learning experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.


Provide CPR


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential life-saving technique that can make a significant difference in emergencies. It involves evaluating breathing and re-establishing oxygen flow to the brain by administering chest compressions and rescue breaths.

Our HLTAID009 course is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your schedule. You can attend a practical session and knowledge assessment in a classroom setting, which takes just 2 hours. Or, if you need more time, you can take our express online course with a digital knowledge assessment and complete it in just 1 hour!

We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences, so we offer the option of conducting the training at a location of your choice. We can make it happen whether you want to learn at your workplace or during your free time.

So, if you want to learn how to perform CPR and be ready to save a life, contact us to learn more about our flexible training options.

Provide First Aid

Are you prepared to handle emergency situations that may require immediate first aid intervention? If not, don’t worry! Our Provide First Aid HLTAID011 course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to confidently and correctly respond to emergencies.

Our comprehensive course content covers a range of topics, including administering CPR (Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), treating injuries such as burns, wounds, and fractures, and providing first aid in remote areas. But that’s not all! We also delve into legal and ethical considerations involved in providing first aid, and highlight the importance of maintaining personal safety and hygiene while providing assistance.

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the course, ensuring that you have a deep understanding of the content and can apply your knowledge in practical scenarios. By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and expertise to respond to any emergency that may require first aid intervention and basic support. Sign up for our Provide First Aid HLTAID011 course today, and be prepared for anything life throws your way!

Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

Attention all teachers and education staff! 

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation where someone needs first aid, but you don’t know what to do? Fear not because we have the perfect solution for you! Our HLTAID012 course is specifically designed for those in education and care settings so that you can be prepared for emergencies.

Not only will you learn life-saving first aid techniques, but you’ll also become a pro at CPR. Our course is nationally recognised and approved by ACECQA, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best training possible.

So, if you want to be a hero in your workplace and have the skills and knowledge to handle any emergency, sign up for our HLTAID012 course today!

Online First Aid Courses


At First Aid Pro, we believe that flexibility and convenience are crucial elements of effective learning. That’s why we offer online first aid courses that utilise user-friendly video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom with our expert trainers. Our knowledgeable instructors guide the course, imparting theoretical knowledge and practical training while offering ample opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills.

The duration of the first aid course may vary based on each student’s individual proficiency and understanding. We understand that people lead busy lives, so we strive to make our courses as adaptable and convenient as possible. Whether you require workplace training or need to schedule a course, please get in touch with us. We are always eager to discuss your needs and provide appropriate training solutions. For more information on our Online First Aid courses or to book a course, please click here.

What Is First Aid?

First aid is the initial care provided to someone who has been injured or has suddenly fallen ill. Its primary objective is to offer immediate assistance to the affected individual before professional medical help arrives.

But did you know that is equipped with first aid skills can help reduce pain, prevent further harm, preserve life, and promote recovery? That’s right! It includes a range of techniques, such as controlling bleeding, administering CPR, treating wounds and burns, providing pain relief, stabilising fractures, and providing basic emergency life support. In emergency situations, knowing how to administer first aid can make a significant difference in the outcome for the person in need.

Your First Aid Trainer in Blacktown

At First Aid Pro, we believe that first aid training should be both informative and enjoyable. That’s why our trainers are not only highly knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. They are experts in their field and passionate about teaching life-saving skills to others.

Our first aid courses are designed to be innovative, interesting, and informative. We combine the latest techniques with real-world scenarios to give our students a comprehensive understanding of first aid. 

Our trainers are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments and continuously furthering their own skills to ensure that our students receive the best possible training.

We understand that everyone learns differently, which is why our trainers take the time to identify each student’s individual learning style and tailor the course content accordingly. We offer a variety of teaching methods, including hands-on practical training, theoretical lectures, and interactive group discussions, to ensure that our students fully understand the course material. If you’re looking for engaging and high-quality first aid training, look no further than First Aid Pro. Our experienced trainers will equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide basic emergency life support and make a difference in emergencies.

How do I Qualify for First Aid in Blacktown?

To qualify for first aid, you need a certificate from a nationally recognised training provider.

First Aid Pro is a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO 40407), so completing your training and assessment with us will acquire you a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment in first aid.

Our first aid courses are rolled out in accordance with guidelines set by the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Committee (ANZCOR). In order to keep you up-to-date through professional training, our first aid educators stay connected to the industry and regularly attend seminars to maintain their first aid knowledge.

Great news! Our first aid course is open to anyone aged 14 years and above. However, if you’re under 18 years old, make sure to secure signed parental consent before joining the course.

At First Aid Pro, we’ve got everything covered for you. All the materials and resources required to complete the course will be provided, so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything. Just bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn! Our trainers are excited to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Most Trusted First Aid Course Provider in Blacktown

At First Aid Pro, we firmly believe that equipping our students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide first aid in any situation should be our top priority. We understand that each student has their own unique way of learning and retaining information, which is why we strive to provide a personalised approach to our first aid training course in Blacktown.

Our goal is not only to teach our students how to respond to an emergency situation but also to build their confidence in their abilities to do so. We believe that the confidence gained through our training will empower our students to act quickly and appropriately in an emergency situation, potentially saving a life.

Ultimately, our main priority is to ensure that our students leave our courses feeling confident, competent, and prepared to provide first aid whenever and wherever it may be needed. Book online, by phone at 1300 029 132 or send a booking request through our contact page today to secure a spot at our next first aid class in Blacktown.

Affordable First Aid Courses

At First Aid Pro, we’re passionate about making first aid training accessible to everyone, which is why we offer some of the most affordable courses in the market. We understand that the cost can be a significant barrier for some individuals and organisations seeking to provide their staff or members with first aid certification. That’s why we offer low daily prices that make it possible for individuals and organisations with different budgets to access our training programs without compromising on quality.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to life-saving skills and knowledge, regardless of their financial situation. Our commitment to accessibility and affordability is so strong that we offer a price match guarantee. If you find a comparable first aid course at a lower price, we will match it. This is our way of ensuring that our training is available to as many people as possible.

At First Aid Pro, we believe that by offering affordable first aid courses, we’re contributing to creating a safer and more prepared community. Our courses provide participants with life-saving skills, peace of mind, and the confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations. We’re proud to be part of the effort to make our communities safer and more prepared, one first aid course at a time.

If you find a cheaper price for your First Aid course, we will price match.

For Business Owners

Making sure your employees are safe and healthy is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility for any business owner. At First Aid Pro, we understand the importance of having a well-prepared team that can respond promptly and confidently to any medical emergency that may occur in the workplace.

We offer tailored training solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your business. By bringing our training to your workplace, we ensure that your employees learn in an environment that is familiar to them and that the training is tailored to the hazards and risks associated with your workplace.

Our team of experienced trainers will work with you to create a customised training plan that fits your schedule, budget, and specific training requirements. We offer a range of training options, including basic first aid, CPR, and emergency response training. We also provide refresher courses to ensure that your team’s skills and knowledge are current.

Contact us today at (08) 7120 2570 to discuss your training needs and schedule workplace training. Our team members are always ready to help you create a safer and more prepared workplace.

Pathways to Consider in Advanced First Aid Units

Eight New First Aid Units of Competency Released

  • HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – sometimes referred to as CPR (supersedes HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  • HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support – sometimes referred to as BELS (supersedes HLTAID002 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support)
  • HLTAID011 Provide First Aid – sometimes referred to as First Aid (supersedes HLTAID03 Provide First Aid)
  • HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting – sometimes called Childcare First Aid (supersedes HLTAID004 Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting)
  • HLTAID013 Provide First Aid in a Remote or Isolated Site (supersedes HLTAID005 Remote First Aid)

Please note First Aid Pro does not deliver these units, they are pathways for other industries

  • HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid (supersedes HLTAID006)
  • HLTAID015 Provide Advanced Resuscitation and Oxygen Therapy (supersedes HLTAID007)
  • HLTAID016 Manage First Aid Services and Resources (superseded HLTAID008)