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First Aid Course Carindale

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First Aid Course Carindale

The training sessions organised by FirstAidPro in Carindale take place at the Comfort Hotel.


Carindale – Westfield Shopping Centre, 14/1151 Creek Rd, Carindale QLD 4152

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Carindale First Aid Course Near Me

Having the necessary first aid knowledge and skills is paramount for individuals to effectively respond and provide aid in emergencies. If you reside or work near Carindale, take advantage of the opportunity to join our comprehensive first-aid training program. Our training courses are designed to offer unparalleled instruction, arming you with the essential competencies to manage any first-aid emergency confidently.

Once you’ve completed the training, a training certificate will be promptly emailed to you, allowing you to implement your newly acquired skills immediately.

To secure your spot, feel free to enrol for a course online, call us at 08 8382 4677, or message us via our contact page.

Carindale First Aid Certification

If you’re searching for reputable and nationally acknowledged first aid training programs, your quest finds its answer at First Aid Pro. As an accredited Training Organization (RTO: 40407), our suite of first aid courses holds the endorsement of esteemed entities like the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Nursing (ACN).

Our cutting-edge first aid training sets a distinctive standard, harmonising with the directives established by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Committee (ANZCOR).

Hands-on competencies are integral to our first aid training, and we comprehend that mastery of these abilities requires dedicated time. However, the practical outcomes of attaining your first aid certification and upholding your proficiency are impactful.

After completing our accredited first aid course, you’ll receive a nationally recognised certificate on the same day. This translates to an immediate validation of your first aid expertise, offering you the confidence to extend assistance during emergencies.

Available First Aid Courses In Carindale

At First Aid Pro, we present an extensive array of first aid courses tailored to cater to your requirements and address any potential first aid crises. Our course lineup is meticulously structured to give you the comprehension and proficiencies necessary to handle various emergency scenarios, ranging from basic life support provision to advanced resuscitation methodologies.

Among the courses we offer are foundational emergency life support, HLTAID009 for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, HLTAID011 for first aid provision, and more. Additionally, we provide advanced courses tailored for those seeking to undertake more intricate procedures. Our course delivery options encompass both face-to-face training and online learning formats, allowing you to select the avenue that aligns best with your preferences. Whether you intend to acquire skills for your professional environment, education and care context, or individual growth, we offer a course that perfectly aligns with your aspirations.

Provide CPR 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) constitutes an elemental cornerstone of every initial aid training, assuming a pivotal role in swiftly delivering assistance to individuals who encounter breathing difficulties. The CPR training curriculum encompasses a hands-on segment, imparted in a physical setting, alongside a comprehensive assessment of acquired knowledge. For the conventional in-person session, the cognitive evaluation transpires during the class, culminating in two hours. Conversely, the expedited online course integrates the knowledge appraisal within the digital realm, culminating in an overall span of one hour. Sustaining the currency of CPR competencies holds undeniable significance, given its status as a pivotal life-saving expertise.


  • HLTAID001- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Provide First Aid

The Provide First Aid program imparts core methodologies in delivering emergency assistance during prevalent incidents in Australia, encompassing the latest advancements in first aid techniques. In-person evaluation gauges the application of tangible first aid proficiencies, allowing students to opt for pre-class or virtual practical assessments. Enthusiasts seeking a fully immersive experience can partake in the in-person course, entailing 6 hours of hands-on guidance under the tutelage of an instructor. Alternatively, those leaning towards flexibility can embark on the express online variant, affording the luxury of completing knowledge assessments remotely before engaging in a condensed 2-hour trainer-led session. The swift administration of initial aid bears the potential to mitigate the gravity of numerous situations significantly.


  • HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • HLTAID002- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID003- Provide First Aid

New First Aid Codes Now Available

  • HLTAID009- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • HLTAID010- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID011- Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID012- Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

Provide First Aid In An Education And Care Setting

The Emergency First Aid program is meticulously designed for individuals in education or childcare sectors, emphasising proficiently addressing medical situations involving children and infants. Before the hands-on classroom segment, participants must successfully navigate theoretical evaluations to validate their aptitude for applying first aid proficiencies practically. The duration of the in-person session varies depending on the chosen course structure. The traditional face-to-face course entails a 7-hour in-class training regimen. At the same time, the streamlined online version necessitates a concise 2-hour in-person training session after the completion of theoretical assessments in the online realm. It’s a mandate for childcare and education professionals to equip themselves with first aid competencies as stipulated by the requirements of their roles.


  • HLTAID001- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • HLTAID002- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID004- Provide First Aid and Emergency Response in an Education and Care Setting

Emergency First Aid- New Unit Codes Are Now Available

  • HLTAID012- Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting
  • HLTAID011- Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID010- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID009- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

What Is First Aid?

First Aid proficiency is paramount in navigating emergency scenarios, as it stabilises the patient until professional medical intervention is accessible. The swift administration of First Aid can be the pivotal factor determining life or death, and it holds the potential to mitigate the gravity of injuries or illnesses substantially.

The utilisation of fundamental First Aid techniques can curtail the progression of a minor issue into a more critical state, affording the patient an enhanced likelihood of a complete recovery. Moreover, First Aid extends its role to encompass emotional solace for the patient and their close associates, alleviating anxiety and panic. Overall, the dispensation of First Aid forms a foundational facet of emergency preparedness, underscoring the necessity for a rudimentary grasp of knowledge and skills to lend assistance in times of crisis and deliver rudimentary emergency life support.

Your First Aid Trainer In Carindale

Located in Carindale, our establishment presents a comprehensive array of first aid courses tailored to equip you with the indispensable knowledge and skills for executing an emergency first aid response, spanning both occupational and educational contexts. Our adept and extensively trained instructors, known for their friendliness, expertise, and zeal, are committed to imparting top-tier instruction that seamlessly blends entertainment with education.

Immersed in innovative, captivating, and enlightening course content, you can rest assured that your training experience is of the utmost calibre. Our instructors bring practical expertise from real-world scenarios to the table, ensuring that you receive instruction from industry paragons. Whether your aspiration aligns with furnishing rudimentary emergency life support or delving into advanced resuscitation techniques, our repertoire of courses caters to your specific preferences. The option of accessing our courses through in-person instruction and online learning is at your disposal, culminating in acquiring nationally recognized certifications upon completion.

Don’t let time slip through your fingers – connect with us today to embrace the opportunity of gaining pivotal first aid proficiencies that could potentially alter the course of events during an emergency.

How Do I Qualify For First Aid In Carindale?

Recognising the paramount importance of attaining proficiency in first aid, we at First Aid Pro are dedicated to providing nationally recognized first aid training courses. As an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40407), the successful culmination of our training and evaluation procedures will lead to issuing a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment in the first aid field.

Our courses are meticulously crafted and helmed by courteous and knowledgeable trainers who employ cutting-edge and captivating course materials to ensure your learning experience is enlightening and enjoyable. Every course we offer adheres rigorously to the guidelines outlined by the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Committee (ANZCOR).

To keep our trainers abreast of the most recent industry standards, they regularly partake in seminars, fortifying their first-aid expertise.

Our courses are accessible to individuals aged 14 and above; however, individuals below 18 must present signed parental consent before enrolling. At First Aid Pro, we supply all requisite course materials and resources, obviating your need to bring anything. Seize the opportunity today to enrol in our courses and amass the indispensable skills and knowledge requisite for delivering first aid in critical emergency scenarios.

Most Trusted First Aid Course Provider In Carindale

Secure your spot in our upcoming first aid class by booking online, calling us at (08 8382 4677), or sending a booking request through our contact page.

As a reputable and reliable provider of first aid courses in Carindale, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch training that precisely caters to our client’s requirements. Our comprehensive first aid courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and assurance to manage any emergency effectively.

Our trainers, possessing extensive expertise and experience, are committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience. We recognise that individual learning preferences vary, so our training is customised to cater to the unique needs of each participant. Whether you are new to first aid or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our array of courses has something tailored just for you. Embrace the opportunity today and transform into a capable and confident first responder.

Affordable First Aid Courses

At First Aid Pro, accessible and reasonably priced first aid courses should be available to all. Our provision of some of the most affordable daily rates in the training sector underscores this commitment. Recognizing the significance of cost considerations for individuals, particularly in the context of training, we are dedicated to maintaining highly competitive pricing.

We go a step further in demonstrating our commitment to affordability. If you come across a lower price for your first aid course elsewhere, we are more than willing to match that price. This ensures that you receive optimal value for your investment while accessing high-quality training.

If You Find A Cheaper Price For Your First Aid Course, We Will Price Match.

For Business Owners

As a business proprietor, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that both you and your workforce comply with all essential workplace health and safety prerequisites. At First Aid Pro, we are poised to aid you in fulfilling this commitment through the provision of on-site training for your staff.If you want to explore further how we can offer our assistance, please contact us at (08) 8382 4677. Our courteous and well-informed team stands ready to enthusiastically extend their expertise to you.

Pathways To Consider In Advanced First Aid Units

Eight New First Aid Units of Competency Released

  • HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – sometimes referred to as CPR (supersedes HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  • HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support – sometimes referred to as BELS (supersedes HLTAID002 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support)
  • HLTAID011 Provide First Aid – sometimes referred to as First Aid (supersedes HLTAID03 Provide First Aid)
  • HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting – sometimes called Childcare First Aid (supersedes HLTAID004 Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting)
  • HLTAID013 Provide First Aid in a Remote or Isolated Site (supersedes HLTAID005 Remote First Aid)

Please note First Aid Pro does not deliver these units, they are pathways for other industries

  • HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid (supersedes HLTAID006)
  • HLTAID015 Provide Advanced Resuscitation and Oxygen Therapy (supersedes HLTAID007)
  • HLTAID016 Manage First Aid Services and Resources (superseded HLTAID008)