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First Aid Training Carina

FirstAidPro’s Carina training is held in Carina Leagues Club.


Carina Leagues Club – 1390 Creek Rd, Carina QLD 4152

Available Courses In Carina

Are you interested in acquiring essential life-saving expertise? Explore our comprehensive First Aid and CPR courses located in Carina.

Our team of accredited instructors is committed to providing a remarkable educational experience customised to suit your requirements. FirstAidPro equips you with the skills to respond to any critical situation effectively.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Carina, our First Aid training venue is easily accessible from Gatton Street, Lake Street, and Upward Street.

As a prominent first-aid training provider, we extend our services throughout Australia and Queensland.

Strategically situated a brief drive from Officeworks Carina, we are fully prepared to meet all your first aid needs.

Our Serviced areas for CPR and First Aid Courses Nearby 

  • First Aid Course Carina, QLD
  • CPR Course Carina, QLD
  • First Aid Course in Smithfield, QLD
  • CPR Course in Smithfield, QLD


FREE Parking is at your disposal at the designated course venue. Consult the informational document upon registration to gain precise directions to the parking facility.

You can effortlessly discover parking alternatives that align with your preferences, encompassing a blend of curbside parking and off-street parking structures. With periodic updates to parking regulations, you can be confident of a steady rotation of parked vehicles, ensuring easy accessibility for visitors, shoppers, enterprises, and staff members.

Weekdays and Saturdays observe time constraints and charges, but beyond these periods, parking is unrestricted. Additionally, substantially reduced rates are extended at numerous off-street parking lots.

It’s crucial to observe regulations about disability parking, loading zones, and bus and taxi areas. Adhering to the posted indications regarding parking schedules and hours in other areas is advised. The local council imposes a nominal fee of just $2.10 per hour for curbside parking, rendering Carina’s parking solutions both convenient and budget-friendly.

Surrounding Suburbs Serviced

Experience Seamless Accessibility: Reach Us with Ease, Whether by Public Transport or Private Vehicle.

Explore these nearby suburbs surrounding our First Aid Course venues:

  • Bungalow
  • Gepps Cross
  • Manduna
  • Manoora
  • Redlynch
  • Palm Cove
  • Edge Hill
  • Port Smith
  • Bayview Heights

First Aid With First Aid Pro

Elevate Your Preparedness: Comprehensive First Aid Training by First Aid Pro

At First Aid Pro, we understand readiness’s paramount importance in unforeseen circumstances. This drives us to extend an array of First Aid Training programs tailored for the general public and businesses. Whether your preference leans toward on-site instruction or participation in one of our scheduled courses, our offerings are adaptable to your unique requirements.

Our suite of First Aid courses is meticulously crafted to empower you with the full spectrum of competencies and insights needed to address any emergency situation competently. From foundational first aid principles to CPR techniques, adept usage of defibrillators, and more, our adept trainers bring vast experience to render engaging and enlightening instruction. At First Aid Pro, we present an all-inclusive solution to ensure your emergency management readiness.

Obtain your certificates on the same day for HLTAID011 Provide First Aid, HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support, and HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This enables you to promptly and effortlessly substantiate your credentials through our efficient same-day issuance procedure. Your nationally recognised statement of achievement can be directly retrieved from your student portal as soon as you finish the course. Your evidence of qualification can be held in your possession without delay!

What Exactly Is First Aid?

During a medical crisis, first aid entails delivering initial treatment to sustain the patient’s state until medical experts arrive.

Initiating readiness for medical emergencies commences with having skilled first-aid instructors within the workplace. These instructors should possess expertise in first aid and CPR, alongside the assurance and capability to react during emergencies. Their availability for training others within the organisation is equally important, ensuring all members acquire the essential proficiencies to respond in crisis scenarios effectively.

Mastery of administering first aid to an injured or unwell individual is paramount. An adept instructor holds a pivotal role in disseminating requisite knowledge and skills. This process entails discerning the precise aid required, applying appropriate first-aid measures, and discerning when the involvement of medical professionals is imperative, all while leveraging the techniques and insights of first aid.

The foremost phase of providing initial assistance is evaluating the patient’s condition. This entails comprehending the nature and gravity of the victim’s injuries or ailment. Armed with this evaluation, first responders can ascertain the suitable course of action, soliciting medical aid or offering reassurance until assistance arrives. The evaluation process mandates swiftness concerning comprehensiveness. A proficient instructor to shepherd you through this process is indispensable for this rationale.

Don’t delay; seize the moment and enrol in a First Aid course in Carina today!

Why Is The First Aid Refresher Course Important For The Workplace?

Don’t Let It Slip: First Aid Pro’s Refresher Course is a Must!

In workplace safety, the significance of first aid expertise cannot be emphasised enough. This is why regular refresher courses are essential for every conscientious business owner.

Here at First Aid Pro Carina, we present comprehensive and dynamic courses meticulously crafted to enhance your skills and knowledge in an engaging and enlightening manner. Our seasoned instructors employ diverse teaching approaches to ensure your sustained involvement throughout the course. The course content is tailored to align with the requirements of your industry and the workforce size.

Our refresher modules equip you with the competence to address commonplace medical emergencies like choking, head injuries, fractures, and burns. Additionally, we delve into topics such as utilising first aid equipment, identifying indications of illness and injury, and effectively managing medical crises.

Enrol today in our refresher course to guarantee your readiness for any unforeseen emergency scenarios in your workplace.

What Is A Unique Student Identifier?

Every student undertaking a nationally recognised training program in Australia receives a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This secure online portfolio documents the student’s authenticated training, certifications, and educational milestones. The USI is intricately tied to the student’s academic journey within the USI Registry System, ensuring seamless retrieval and accessibility.

Courses Available

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid – Previously HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
  • 5.5 Hour Classroom based delivery, with pre reading and completion of a quiz

The course is conducted within a classroom environment and entails preliminary reading and a prior quiz requirement. Our seasoned instructors will provide comprehensive assistance, adeptly leading you through crucial theoretical and hands-on CPR and first aid components.

  • 2 Hour- Assessment Only – Training+ Online Pre work

If you’re already comfortable with your first aid abilities and only need an assessment, consider our 2-hour Assessment Only option. You’ll do some online prep beforehand and then come in for the assessment part of the training.

Face To Face Assessment Only In The Class Room

Designed as a practical assessment, this course requires students to showcase their skills and comprehension for competency validation. Tailored for those self-assured in their capabilities, this course solely focuses on assessment completion.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential life-saving method with immense value in emergencies. It encompasses evaluating breathing and reinstating oxygen circulation to the brain using chest compressions and rescue breaths.

First Aid Pro provides tailored courses for your convenience and requirements. Recognising the demands of a hectic schedule, we extend the flexibility of on-site training. Whether you learn at your workplace or during your leisure hours, we ensure the training is customised to align with your preferences. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for further details on this flexible and convenient option.

Delivery Options

2 Hours- Face to Face in the Class room, with pre reading and quiz prior

We provide two delivery choices for our CPR courses. The initial option entails a 2-hour in-person session in a classroom setting, preceded by pre-reading and a preliminary quiz. This option suits individuals new to CPR or those seeking comprehensive training. Through this course, you’ll gain proficiency in Basic Life Support (BELS) techniques, a skill set with the potential to be lifesaving.

1 Hour- Face to Face Assessment Only- Course

The second choice encompasses a 1-hour in-person assessment-only course. Participants must complete an online e-learning module beforehand to practice, followed by evaluation during the workshop. Reach out to us to uncover more information!

Mental Health

Mental Health training equips you to recognise and assist those facing psychological challenges or crises. Taught by experienced professionals, it covers identifying issues, providing initial support, and referring individuals to proper services. This course enhances crisis response and benefits various roles.

Want to know more? 

Explore the CHC43315 Certificate IV program on, delivered with Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA). Kindly note First Aid Pro doesn’t offer this qualification. Visit to find the delivering RTO for this certificate course.

Mental Health First Aid Certificate

This First Aid course by First Aid Pro is accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA). If you’re in the healthcare field, it could count toward your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Mental Health First Aid Australia will provide the MHFA certificate.

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First Aid Course Carina, QLD

First Aid Pro provides courses conveniently situated in Carina and throughout Australia. Our comprehensive and easily accessible first aid training is ideal for locals and travellers arriving by various modes of transportation like walking, ferry, bus, train, or car.

You’ll be pleased to learn that qualifications like HLTAID011 Provide First Aid, HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support, and HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can be obtained on the same day. Easily validate your qualification by downloading your nationally recognised statement of attainment from your student portal upon course completion.

Carina First Aid Training Course Price

Are you searching for a nationally accredited first aid course that leaves no stone unturned? Your search ends with First Aid Pro! Our all-encompassing program addresses Provide First Aid and Provide CPR, ensuring your complete readiness for any unforeseen crisis.

It’s more than just top-tier training; we’re committed to offering you the best value. This is why we extend a price match assurance. Don’t compromise on quality. Contact us today at (08) 8382 4677 or via our contact form to encounter the distinctive First Aid Pro service and customer care.

Remote First Aid Carina

The core aim of first aid courses is to ensure the well-being of the first responder and offer extended care to an unwell or injured individual when external assistance might be delayed or inaccessible. Don’t leave anything to chance. Enrol in a First Aid Pro course today!

Are you living remotely or have a penchant for outdoor adventures?

At First Aid Pro Carina, we’re here to assist you in crafting a customised first aid kit perfectly suited to your requirements.

Certificates For Completion Of A Basic Emergency Life Support Course

  • HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HLTAID010 Provide basic emergency life support
  • HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID013 Provide First Aid in remote and isolated sites

You also have the opportunity to arrange for us to facilitate this course at your workplace or a location of your preference. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a range of delivery approaches to accommodate your preferences.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your training requirements at (08) 7120 2570. Designed specifically for bushwalkers, guides, and those living or working in remote areas, this course assists you in creating a personalized first aid kit that perfectly suits your requirements.

As a service, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive top-notch quality at the most competitive price. Our price match guarantee ensures you’ll be satisfied with our exceptional First Aid Pro service and customer care, or we’ll beat it by 10%. Give us a call today at (08) 7120 2570.

Advanced First Aid Course Carina

First Aid Pro is thrilled to introduce our latest and most advanced first aid course: HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid (including CPR) – Face-to-Face.

This intensive program is meticulously crafted to empower students to enhance their proficiency and understanding of advanced first aid. With no online or off-site assessment obligations, our students benefit from concentrated one-on-one trainer support.

Our facility adheres strictly to the most recent guidelines set forth by ARC, Safe Work Australia, the Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), and other prominent national clinical bodies.

Furthermore, per the updated first aid codes, HLTAID006 is now recognised as HLTAID014.

Elevate your first aid capabilities by joining us today and stepping into the realm of the new HLTAID014 course!

First Aid Course Near Me – Carina, QLD

First aid training provides you with essential skills to effectively handle emergencies, enabling you to save lives, including your own. Rather than relying solely on medical assistance, your knowledge empowers you to aid others promptly.

Embarking on the journey of learning first aid can be your initial stride towards contributing to the safety of the Carina community. Together, we can enhance the sense of security within our community.

First Aid Pro delivers swift and cost-effective training and certification. Your training certificate will be in your hands the same day you complete the training. Our training venues, including Carina and Smithfield QLD, are strategically situated across Australia.

Certification documents are emailed, while a printed and wallet card version is available for a nominal fee. To register with First Aid Pro contact us at 08 8382 4677 or message us through our website.

Available First Aid Courses Online

We provide online training to cater to the convenience of our students, including those residing in remote areas. This option enables you to learn at your preferred schedule and speed. After completing the online coursework, you can participate in the concluding training session. Our array of online training includes the following:

  • HLTAID009 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Online)
  • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid (Online). The course includes:
  • HLTAID009 – Provide CPR
  • HLTAID010 – Provide basic emergency life aid
  • HLTAID011 – Provide first aid

How Long Does A First Aid Course Take?

At First Aid Pro Carina, we present an array of courses with varying durations, contingent upon the complexity and content of each course. Our shortest offering spans one hour, while the most extensive extends over seven hours.

As for online training, the duration hinges on how swiftly you conclude the online coursework. It’s essential to consider that each individual learns at their own pace, and the course duration can differ based on your existing familiarity, skills, and grasp of first aid concepts. Beginners require more time to complete the course than those already possessing some experience.

First Aid Course To Work In School

You could encounter scenarios that demand immediate first aid attention as an educator or school staff member. We offer a tailored first aid course designed specifically for such settings, known as the HLTAID012 (previously known as HLTAID004). Participants in this course undergo training in life support, first aid, and CPR techniques.

This course holds national recognition and carries approval from the ACECQA. Priced at $139, it is accessible within the suburbs and entails a 7-hour training duration.

First Aid Course To Work In School And Childcare

Being prepared for situations requiring first aid is paramount if you’re a teacher or a school staff member. This is precisely why we offer a specialised first aid course, the HLTAID012 (previously known as HLTAID004), tailored for school environments. Covering life support, first aid, and CPR techniques, this course carries national recognition and approval from the ACECQA.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective first aid in a school setting. At First Aid Pro, we also extend the HLTAID012 course online. While traditional face-to-face training was the norm for first aid courses due to practical skill assessments like CPR demonstrations, the advent of accessible video-conferencing platforms like Zoom has revolutionised the landscape of fully online first aid training.

Although the idea of utilising Zoom might appear novel, the format closely resembles in-person workshops. A skilled trainer guides the session, delivering the course content, demonstrating practical skills, and facilitating learners’ practice and skill showcases. The distinction with Zoom lies in conducting the training virtually, enabling interactions between the trainer and fellow participants.

The course duration varies, contingent upon individual skill levels and prior knowledge. There needs to be a universal approach to online first-aid training. Before the Zoom session, participants must complete self-paced course materials and ensure they have the necessary tools. They should also have a suitable device and a conducive, distraction-free environment to focus on the training.

For more details regarding our Online First Aid courses or to make a booking, kindly click here.

LVR Course Carina - Includes CPR

Designed for Safety Observers, the LVR program centers on low-voltage rescue. This course equips participants with diverse skills indispensable for effectively managing casualties across various scenarios.

Attaining this qualification enables individuals to step into the role of a Safety Observer within Queensland, as required by Electricians. This, in turn, opens doors to job prospects in this domain. The LVR course encompasses UETTDRRF06 – Perform Rescue from a live LV panel and HLTAID009 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, with CPR acting as a prerequisite for the UETTDRRF06 element.

As outlined in Clause 28 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013, competency in Rescue and Resuscitation is mandated for anyone engaged in or aiding electrical work.

Where To Book A CPR Course With LVR?

To register for First Aid Pro courses, we extend two convenient options: you can explore our website to peruse our comprehensive list of available courses and select the one that best suits your preferences. Each course listing includes detailed pricing, duration, and procedures. Our dedicated team is also at your service for any assistance you may require; you can connect with us over the phone at 08 8382 4677 or by sending us a message through our website.

LVR Course Near Me

Some areas serviced

  1. Carina North
  2. Manuda
  3. Bungalow
  4. Edge Hill
  5. Manoora
  6. Whitfield
  7. Brinsmead
  8. Trinity park
  9. Clifton beach
  10. Palm Cove
  11. Redlynch
  12. Bayview Heights
  13. Earlville

How Much Does A First Aid Course Cost In Australia?

When seeking first aid training in Australia, it’s crucial to look beyond just the course duration and complexity.

At First Aid Pro, we are committed to delivering optimum value to our customers through our competitive pricing for every course across Australia.

You can further amplify your savings by availing of our daily discounts. Additionally, we extend group discounts for organizations enrolling multiple individuals in the same course. Moreover, if you come across a lower price elsewhere, we’re prepared to match it!

How Do I Get A First Aid Certificate Qld?

Our first aid training courses in Queensland have received official endorsement from the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC), ensuring that your qualification holds national recognition.

You can enrol in a tailored program to fulfil your requirements and guide you towards the desired first aid certification. You will receive a certificate of accomplishment when you meet all the course requirements.

Is Online First Aid Certification Valid In Australia?

The Online First Aid Certificate provided by First Aid Pro holds recognition across Australia. Nevertheless, the certificate’s validity hinges on the accrediting body and the course undertaken. In Australia, the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) serves as the accrediting entity for First Aid certification. Here at First Aid Pro, all our courses are ARC accredited, assuring adherence to the guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council.

It’s essential to remember that certain employers or organizations might impose additional criteria for a first aid certificate. Thus, verifying with them is advisable to ensure that the certificate aligns with their specific requisites.

Can You Do A First Aid At Work Course Online?

Obtaining a workplace first aid certification online in Australia is indeed feasible. We provide accredited online courses for first aid certification. These encompass foundational areas like basic first aid, CPR, and emergency preparedness modules and can extend to specialised subjects such as workplace injury management.

While online courses offer convenience and flexibility, they present a distinct level of hands-on instruction compared to in-person sessions. It’s imperative to ensure that the online course you opt for is accredited by the relevant accrediting body and regulatory entities in your jurisdiction. Additionally, verify that it aligns with the specific prerequisites of your workplace first aid certification.

Cheap First Aid Course Near Me

Count on First Aid Pro for the most budget-friendly first aid courses. Our team of skilled trainers imparts knowledge to thousands of learners annually. With training venues spanning Australia, our mission is to democratise access to vital first aid education.

If you come across a lower-priced course, we’re ready to match it. Our streamlined process and same-day certification have made us the top choice for many learners. As a Registered Training Organization (RTO), we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Moreover, we offer tailored group training and workplace-compliant first aid programs for organisations. Our trainers can customise courses and hold them at your premises. This offer extends to suburbs near Carina, Queensland. For further information, visit our website at firstaidpro.

Your First Aid Trainer In Carina

At our First Aid Pro Carina facility, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled and professional first aid trainers. Our instructors are dedicated to providing informative and enjoyable first aid training that meets the needs of our students. We strive to ensure that our course materials are engaging and thought-provoking, making the learning experience both interesting and practical. 

Our trainers have extensive experience in the field, and they bring real-world knowledge and expertise to their instruction. When you enrol in a course at First Aid Pro Carina, you can be confident that you will receive top-quality training from the best in the business.

For Business Owners

As a responsible business owner, ensuring your workplace adheres to all health and safety regulations is paramount. At First Aid Pro, we understand the significance of equipping your employees with the essential training to tackle emergency scenarios proficiently.

This is precisely why we provide customized first-aid training programs that can be conducted on-site at your workplace. Our skilled trainers collaborate with you to formulate a training regimen tailored to the precise requirements of your business and staff.

When you choose First Aid Pro, you can be confident that your team will receive exceptional training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to respond promptly and effectively in emergencies.

To delve deeper into our on-site training offerings or to reserve a training session for your team, please don’t hesitate to reach us at (08) 8382 4677. We eagerly anticipate assisting you in establishing a safer workplace environment for everyone.

New First Aid Codes

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Upcoming Courses In Carina

Explore our upcoming first aid and CPR courses, and secure your spot by booking online effortlessly. Refer to our FAQ section or contact us at 08 8382 4677 for any inquiries.