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RSG Responsible Gambling Services

RSG – Provide responsible gambling services

Gaming – Who needs a gaming licence?

Gaming licences are required for any organisation or individual who is working within the gaming industry, be that in the form of poker machines, horse racing, or a casino. These activities cannot be conducted legally in Australia without the appropriate licences.

What is RSG?

For anyone planning to work in a pub, or any establishment with gambling related activities, you’ll need training in either the Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses (the latter being the NSW version of the course). It provides the skills and knowledge you’ll need to provide gambling services to clients in a legal way.

FirstAidPro is an accredited Australian RTO that provides RSG & RCG courses to the general public – we can provide you with the training you need, whether you’re looking to work as a gaming attendant or simply to wait the floor of a gaming area.

What is the RSG and RCG?

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) and RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) training courses (for NSW and all other states, respectively) provide you with the certification to work in an establishment with gaming services, such as pokies and horse-racing. It provides valuable training in a range of skills, including identifying patrons struggling with gambling issues and intervening effectively.

RSG / RCG training is often taken in conjunction with an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate.

Who needs an RSG?

In any venue where gambling services are a standard part of the daily business, RSG / RCG will generally be a requirement of employment. In the hospitality industry, many facilities – including hotels, clubs, pubs and casinos – provide a gaming area where gambling activities can be undertaken. Managing patrons in these areas and providing these services in a responsible manner is an essential skill for many hospitality personnel – particularly those involved in the direct provision of gambling services. This includes:

  • The licensee
  • Gaming supervisors
  • Gaming managers
  • Gaming employees

Responsible Gambling Services Certificate in Queensland

In Queensland, the requirements of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation are that any staff whose duties involve providing gambling services have a total of three months from the commencement of their role to complete their RSG certificate.

Since the first of July, 2013 the RSG qualifications required for such roles is a VET statement of attainment in Provide responsible gambling services.

Do I need to get the RSG certificate?

Unfortunately, the standards around the provision of gambling services aren’t consistent across the different states of Australia. As such, the specific requirements depend on the state where you’re located. States such as NSW and Queensland tend to be very strict about their requirements, while others allow a period of grace after commencing a position. Before deciding the training you need, it’s worth checking the standards for the stated you plan to work in to know what’s mandatory and what isn’t.

  • New South Wales –  You must have a valid RCG certificate prior to commencing work
  • Northern Territory –  You must have completed an RSG course within 3 months of commencing your employment.
  • Queensland –  You must have a valid RSG certificate prior to commencing work
  • South Australia –  You must have completed an RSG course within 6 months of commencing your employment.
  • Tasmania –  You must have a valid RSG certificate prior to commencing work
  • Victoria –  You must have completed an RSG course within 6 months of commencing your employment.
  • Western Australia – You do not require an RSG certificate to work

Is it worth completing an RSG/RCG course?

Although some states might allow a period of grace for you to undertake an RSG course after commencing a position, it’s always worth considering doing the training before applying for a role. Many employers want their employees to hit the ground running as much as possible. So having the qualifications you need – such as RSA and RSG – completed before you get to the interview is a valuable feather to have in your cap. It demonstrates to an employer that you’re committed to working in the type of field they’re looking to hire in.

The course is also quite affordable and can be easily claimed back on your tax as a work expense at the end of the year. So if this is an area you’re looking to work in, or at least explore, there’s not much reason to hold off.

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