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RSA Responsible service of alcohol

Provide responsible service of alcohol

What is RSA?

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (or RSA) refers to providing alcohol to the general public in a legal, accountable, and responsible way. It requires staff to be mindful of the duty and care of patrons and other staff, and encourage customers to drink responsibly and respect those around them. RSA training aims to limit the potential for alcohol abuse (and the harmful elements that go with that) by promoting a healthy, respectful approach to alcohol consumption.

In Australia, all staff who serve alcohol in a professional context – be they bar workers, waiters, airline personnel, or catering staff – need to have RSA training. This is part of the federal government’s national alcohol strategy to minimise the negative impact of alcohol on Australian society.

The Provide responsible service of alcohol course is a national unit of competency – part of the Australian Qualifications Framework’s hospitality training package. The training (which can only be provided by a registered ATO) is designed to teach staff to operate under local liquor licensing laws. This means although it’s a national unit of competency, the training may have content unique to the relevant state or territory.

Regardless of those specifics, RSA courses are based on the idea of duty of care – it’s the responsibility of managers and staff to prevent drunken and disorderly behaviour and reckless consumption of alcohol where possible. The course also covers specifics such as the effects of alcohol on the human body, the significance of someone’s blood alcohol level, the size of standard drinks, and how to refuse service in a professional manner.

Who needs RSA training?

RSA training is relevant to staff at all levels of the sale and provision of alcohol, including food and beverage attendants, cellar door staff, supplier sales representatives, and on-site security staff responsible for monitoring patrons. Everyone involved needs to understand what the responsible provision of alcohol looks like on the ground.

How long does the RSA online course take to complete?

FirstAidPro’s RSA training is delivered as a single, 6-hour face-to-face training seminar. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills needed to provide alcohol in a professional context, including local state and territory requirements.

FirstAidPro runs training venues in all capital cities and many major population centres. To find out when RSA training is running in a venue near you, contact us via email, or through the contact page.

When do I have to do the RSA course?

For many staff working in Australia’s liquor and gaming industries, undertaking an RSA qualification is mandatory. However, it’s not always a requirement to hold that qualification <<< when starting >> that role – there’s often a period of grace before it becomes a requirement of employment. This varies between states and territories, and it’s important to know the standards in effect in the location where you work.

  • Queensland – You must complete an RSA training course within 30 days of beginning in your role.
  • Western Australia – All club staff who are involved in the provision and sale of alcohol (in a paid or volunteer capacity) must complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol course within 28 days of their start date.
  • South Australia / Tasmania – Staff have three months from their start date to complete their RSA courses. The exception is security personnel in SA – who must have a valid RSA qualification before commencing work.
  • ACT – You must have a valid RSA certificate before starting a role involving the provision of alcohol.
  • Northern Territory – Staff working at licensed premises are required to complete their RSA certificate within seven days of commencing work.

When will my RSA statement of attainment expire?

  • Queensland / Western Australia / South Australia / Tasmania – An RSA certificate issued by us doesn’t expire, so the qualification is permanent. It should be noted that although the national unit of competency might be updated and the code changed, your qualification will still be valid. So a certificate in “Provide responsible service of alcohol” from any time in the past will still be valid for current employment, even if the current course has been updated.
  • ACT – Your RSA qualification is valid for three years from completing your RSA course.
  • Northern Territory – You’ll need to do an RSA refresher course every three years for your certification to remain current.

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