Parents are you prepared to save a child’s life?

Do you have the knowledge and confidence to help them in an emergency situation?

Firstaidpro are now offering short training courses for parents that are hands on, and relative, to prepare you to confidently handle an emergency situation.

Firstaidpro parent training courses are tailored to newborns, infants, toddlers and children.

Our training covers the following:
DRSABCD Action Plan
including CPR
Head Injury/Spinal Injury
Lumps/Bumps/ Bruises/ Burns
Poisons/Bites & Stings
Allergic Reactions & Anaphylaxis

Our courses tick ALL the boxes!

What cost do you attach to a child’s life?
FUNDRAISERS are also available! You can receive money back for your school by booking a training course with Firstaidpro!

Email us to enquire about the rewards we offer your organisation.

You can organise a session in your own home and invite your friends and family, at your pre-school, child care centre, your local mothers group or a venue that suits you! (Minimum of 10 people required)

This is a very practical hands on course that gives you the knowledge and confidence to help save a life (no certificate will be received).

To register your interest please contact us.

Client Testimonials

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to give some feedback in relations to the three employees we sent to the Low Voltage Rescue & CPR course the other week in the CBD.

Our employees really enjoyed the interactive training and facility provided. All three took home something new from this day.

Kind Regards,
R. M. Williams - Adelaide